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Portrait showing the characters face, neck and sometimes a bit of the chest. Inked piece with colors and shading. Simple atmospheric background included


Detailed background: +$25

Flat Colors

Inked piece with flat colors


Add character: +$55


Inked piece with shading


Add character: +$70


Full scene with background. Complex background with many details may raise price


Add character: +$70


Full, lineless scene with background. Complex background with many details may raise price


Add character: +$100

Written Ref Fee - +$30

This fee applies when you have nothing but text to go on when describing your character. This fee can be avoided or lowered by the use of a character maker and listing the things that should be a bit different from that, or by making a quick scribble of any quality in a drawing program to help illustrate what you want your character to look like.

Simple Ref sheet - $100

- One front or side view + mouth closeup.
- Ideal for ferals.

Base ref sheet - $140

- Includes front and back view.

Custom Reference sheet

Want a customized reference sheet with exactly the things shown that you're interested in, then this option is for you! You can completely mix together what you want, or simply add some extra views to the options shown above!

Type of viewPrice
Full body flat colored view (front, back, etc)$70
Cloned/mirrored view with smaller changes (Scars, tattoo's etc)$10 - 35
Outfits (Price depends on complexity)$40 - 60
Headshots / Expressions$35
Closeups (Mouth, etc)$30
Accessories (Jewelry closeups etc)$25


Shipping is currently unavailable!

All prices include printing and laminating!

Uninsured international shipping: $5
Insured international shipping: $19


Simple bust with clean lines, shading and name

Price: $55

Half Body

Half body with clean lines, shading, a simple background and name

Price: $65